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Intelligent Manufacturing

Dajiangdong production site was put into operation officially in 2010 with annual output 420,000 tons of high-end textile chemicals, taking the lead in establishing a new intelligent ecosystem covering intelligent technology, intelligent products, intelligent services and intelligent manufacturing in the field of fine chemicals.

  • 三車間三樓生產操作平臺
  • 車間DCS系統控制室
  • 智能制造數字平臺
  • Ingenuity Manufacturing

    Through IT and automation, realize the optimization of production resource allocation and substantial increase of flexible production capacity;

    Create a transparent and traceable shared factory across the supply chain, improve production efficiency and product quality, optimize industrial collaboration;

    Production costs are reduced by 25%, labor productivity is increased by 25%, and operators are reduced by 20%, leading the industry's intelligent manufacturing level.

  • 25 %
    Production costs
    are reduced
  • 25 %
    Labor productivity is increased
  • 20 %
    Operators are reduced
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